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Hogwarts BSU

Are you a black nerd? Are you still waiting on your Hogwarts letter? This project is for the black Potterheads who want to imagine what it would be like to be a black student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Underneath the heading "Hogwarts BSU," we are asking for black artists to create something that would represent their - or other black wizards' - experiences at Hogwarts. These pieces can be in any form be they written (prose, poetry, song, etc.), drawn, filmed, photographed, or otherwise. Check out the guidelines below for more details and email bayana [at] blackgirlscreate [dot] org if you have any other questions or ideas you want to run by us!


  • Pieces can be in any form: prose, poetry, song, fanart, videos, multimedia, etc.

  • Pieces can be a maximum of 10 pages if written.

  • Pieces must accurately use terminology from the Wizarding World; however, pieces do not have to be set during the Harry Potter years.

  • Contributors may submit more than one piece.

  • We will be accepting submissions on a rolling basis.


  • Create piece

  • Send to Black Girls Create for feedback

  • Revise!

  • Send back piece with short bio (please also include your Hogwarts House).

  • We post!

  • All submissions may be sent to bayana [at] blackgirlscreate [dot] org. Please make sure the subject has "Hogwarts BSU" in it.

Thank you for submitting!

-Black Girls Create