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Black Girls Create is a unique intersectional hub for Black creators and critical fandom. Through substantive but easily accessible content, we collaborate to champion the increased media representation of Black women specifically, and people of color in general. 


The We Black and Nerd blog is a space that works to be representative of our realities and experiences as a way to counter the ones largely depicted in the mainstream. The blog hosts a variety of commentary on popular culture including book reviews, television and film recaps, personal essays, and our contributor-led series The Critical Companion, a bi-monthly themed project that delves into different aspects of critical fandom.


Listen to #WizardTeam and Who Watch: Time and Relative Blackness in Space, our podcasts that seek to discuss some of our favorite content through our experiences and lens as Black women. You can find our podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Spotify, and more!

#WizardTeam is a weekly Harry Potter podcast for true Potterheads. Each week Bayana Davis and Robyn Jordan do a close reread of the books chapter-by-chapter, discussing anything from our thoughts on the Trio’s Gryffindor behaviors to more obscure facts in the Harry Potter canon, even coming up with some strange and hilarious headcanons of our own. Beware there are spoilers.

Hosted by Robyn Jordan, Bayana Davis, and Constance Gibbs, TARBIS is a Doctor Who aftershow podcast, where we recap recent episodes of Doctor Who and give our thoughts on the travels of Team TARDIS. Learn our thoughts on the latest seasons of the show, go in-depth with us about the Black characters of the series, and try not to get a headache as we try to parse out the finer details of time travel.


Meet Black women who are creating space and art, learn about their process, and why they believe it is important for Black people to be creators. We feature a new Creator at the beginning of each month.



Hogwarts BSU is a fan fiction project that asks Black Potterheads to imagine what it’s like to be Black in the Wizarding World. Read stories of Black students at Hogwarts, Black businesses in the Potterverse, and Black Wizard History, and feel free to submit your own stories and art here.



Join the Black Girls Create community, a place for substantive but easily accessible conversations. We strive for this to be a safe space for everyone, but the needs and considerations of Black women, specifically, will be placed above all others. Join our Facebook group and Slack, and check out our guidelines.