Black Girls Create is a unique intersectional hub for Black creators and critical fandom. Through substantive but easily accessible content, we collaborate to champion the increased media representation of Black women specifically, and people of color in general.

Bayana is a Potterhead and proud Ravenpuff/Huffleclaw born and raised in Oakland, California - though she now lives in Chicago. Together with her cousin Robyn Jordan, she co-founded Black Girls Create, a hub for black women creators and nerds. She is the cohost of the Harry Potter podcast #WizardTeam and is in the process of writing her first novel/series. She often finds herself committing to things that are much larger and time-consuming than she originally expects them to be (this novel being one of them). While she came into fandom late she is a fierce advocate of critical fandom, the increased representation of black women in media (especially sci-fi), time travel, dragons, and avoiding the AI apocalypse. You can generally find her fangirling on Twitter at @yana_hallows.

Robyn has been a nerd since her first Scholastic school fair. Life forever changed when she discovered the Harry Potter Series and nothing was the same for her or the people around her.  Robyn is a true California girl, born and raised all over Southern California she now lives in Oakland, but will always make it home to San Diego for Comic-Con. Robyn has never been a social butterfly preferring instead to spend her time indoors bonding with her Netflix queue. True nerds don't do sun. She sometimes struggles to understand her cofounder but takes pride in using her status as the oldest to pass down some cultural gems. Her favorite things include playing vinyl records in dark rooms, browsing city library shelves,  sporadic marathons of Doctor Who and Harry Potter, and preparing for the robot takeover.