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The Obsidian Archives

The Obsidian Archives include blog posts, critical essays, and fan fiction written by BGC members, contributors, and community. Take a trip through time and peruse through the blog, Critical Companion series, and Hogwarts BSU project for inspiration, nuanced critiques, and wonderful stories written in the Wizarding World!

Our blog was a space that worked to be representative of our realities and experiences as a way to counter the ones largely depicted in the mainstream. The blog hosted a variety of commentary on popular culture including book reviews, television and film recaps, personal essays, and our contributor-led series The Critical Companion, a bi-monthly themed project that delved into different aspects of critical fandom.

Hogwarts BSU was a fan fiction project that asked Black Potterheads to imagine what it would be like to be Black in the Wizarding World. Read stories of Black students at Hogwarts, Black businesses in the Potterverse, and Black Wizard History, and feel free to add your own stories to Archive of Our Own using the tag Hogwarts BSU!