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About Us

Founded in 2015, Black Girls Create is a unique intersectional hub for Black creators and critical fandom. Through substantive but easily accessible content, we encourage fans to celebrate and critique pop culture while also advocating for and contributing to the increased media representation of Black folks specifically, and people of color in general.


We believe in building community. We strive to facilitate safe spaces for Black folks specifically and people of color in general to nerd out about the things that interest them, critique the things they love, and create their own transformative and original works.


We believe in gassing people up. Through discussions of pop culture and fandom, we encourage people to find the holes in media that they would like to fill. We highlight established creators and provide spaces and resources for Black folks to work on their creative pursuits.


We believe in doing The Most™. We not only encourage others, but personally and professionally strive to always grow and expand not only our worldviews but our artistic purpose.

Bayana Davis (Co-Founder), Chief Executive Officer & Program Director

Bayana is a writer and content creator born and raised in Oakland, California. She is the co-founder of Black Girls Create and cohost of the #WizardTeam podcast and the Things We Imagine series on YouTube. She is a fierce advocate of critical fandom, the increased representation of Black women in media, time travel, dragons, and avoiding the AI apocalypse. You can generally find her fangirling and agonizing about writing on Twitter at @yanawroteit.

Robyn Jordan (Co-Founder), Chief Community Officer

Robyn is a community builder, producer, host, and sometimes cultural critic. A true California girl, born and raised all over Southern California, her favorite things include playing vinyl records in dark rooms, browsing city library shelves, sporadic marathons of Star Trek, and preparing for the robot takeover. You can find her live-tweeting TV on Twitter @Robyn_Rambles.

Delia Gallegos, Chief Financial Officer & Creative Director

Delia has been a nerd longer than she has known the meaning of the word. Texas-born and raised, she’s host of The Nerds Are Typing: An Enneagram and MBTI Podcast, a writer, a fanfiction advocate, and journal enthusiast. When she’s not on ao3 into the late hours, Delia enjoys studying Korean, nerding out over K-Dramas, Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen, Disney, and anime. You can nerd out with her on Twitter @deliaistyping or on Instagram @thenerdsaretyping.

Constance Gibbs, Editor-at-Large

Connie is a writer, editor, podcaster, social media manager, and sometimes photographer from NYC. She is currently the social media manager for a book publisher you’ve heard of. Connie is most often found tweeting about her favorite TV shows and pop culture from her hobbit hole that looks an awful lot like Hufflepuff House. She also probably has 37 tabs open. Most of them are for The Nerds Are Typing or fanfiction. She should close at least one of them. Follow her on Twitter and most places: @ConStar24.

Porshèa Patterson-Hurst, Content & Programs Analyst

Porshèa is a storyteller. Data analysis/research, fiction writing, and series co-hosting—Things We Imagine on YouTube as well as podcasts @CastleBlackPod & @SafeNegroPod—are her primary devices. Living in Brooklyn, though hailing from Middle Tennessee, her life is full of travel, reading, things that sparkle, and working with organizations she’s passionate about: book reviewing, content and program analysis,, and highlighting creative works by BIPOC creators at Black Girls Create; co-hosting and media analysis at For All Nerds; and considering the scope of present and future work as a board member of Fandom Forward. Follow her journey on Twitter @porsheuh.

Nicole Hill, Communications Coordinator


Nicole is an escapist, and lover of fiction in all its mediums. They are often engrossed in stories, some they create themselves. They write commentary and critique about film, television, and popular culture and have been published on Black Girls Create, Den of Geek, and Nerdist. They can be found on Twitter, opining about their current binges, exploring Doctor Who from a Black AF perspective at Black TARDIS, and blogging at Delete This When I’m Dead. Learn more about them, and find their work at

Donnalie Jamnah, Content & Community Programming Manager

DJ is a Liberian-American educator, storyteller, and instructional designer who uses their background in ‘people work’ to create art that is compelling and often instructive. They are a mother, a mental health advocate, a Black queer artist, and a gigantic nerd. Keep up with DJ’s work on their portfolio site, You can also connect with them on Twitter & Instagram @talespinningdj.

Deborah Winfield, Newsletter Curator

Deborah is a ghost. A spectre. A figment of your imagination. She cannot be contained by the boundaries of the 26 shapes formed to make what you would call words. Trying to capture her essence in one paragraph is like trying to catch smoke. Trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.

Luna Lovegood Fitzgerald M’baye, Good Girl

Luna the Good Girl

Luna is a good girl and always there for a big smile and moral support. You can find her everywhere there is a game of fetch to be played.