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  1. R
    03/18/2021 @ 12:29 AM

    I just started binge listening to you about a month ago; I started from the middle, with the fantastic beasts recaps, and then went back to the beginning. (I just have to catch up on the cursed child episodes and some of the time room’s ones before I’m finished.) I found myself nodding along and satisfied to see other fans feeling like me about so many things in the saga, and as I was reading fics, I found myself wondering what would you think about their representation of hermione or other characters. I’ve read the series countless times, and still you shared deep insights that were new to me and I hadn’t considered until this year. it was incredible.
    I’m not black (nor american), so more importantly, your podcast provided an incredible opportunity to learn. I wish I had discovered it earlier. that said, I’m glad you’re concluding this chapter and moving on, and I will definitely stay updated to see what else you create. so thank you so much and good luck!


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