In our new series #WizardTeam and The Time Room, we ask a guest to look at a particular moment in the original Harry Potter series, change it, and ask how the story would be different from that point on. 

For our first episode cohost Robyn Jordan asks, What if Remus remembered to take his Wolfsbane Potion in The Prisoner of Azkaban?

Episode 274 – What if the Time Room had an open bar? #WizardTeam: A Harry Potter Podcast

This week on #WizardTeam and the Time Room we're joined by red wine and amber ale to find out how #WizardTeam would be different had Bayana never moved to Chicago or had we never gone to London to see The Cursed Child. We tried our best, but due to the alcohol, it's a lot of reminiscing and tangents. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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