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Nicole Hill

Nicole is an escapist, and lover of fiction in all its mediums. They are often engrossed in stories, some they create themselves. They write commentary and critique about film, television, and popular culture, and can be found on Twitter, opining about their current binges, and blogging at Delete This When I’m Dead. One of their favorite fictional universes is Doctor Who, and they explore the show from their Black, queer, female perspective. You can follow their journey through space and time at Black TARDIS.


  1. Nicole
    05/16/2019 @ 6:08 PM

    I did that 😭


  2. Richard Gunning
    08/20/2019 @ 9:16 PM

    As someone whose weight issues and body issues are definitely tied to stress and emotional state, I really needed to see that moment of ‘I am still worthy.’

    I love the superhero genre, especially what the MCU has done, but there’s a very strong focus on heroes who fit stereotypical standards of beauty. It’s troublesome, especially when they so often go so far to make the point of ‘it’s what’s inside that makes a hero’ (looking at you, Rogers)

    I have always wanted to do cosplay, but was always worried about the fact that I have a belly and superheroes don’t. I was sure I would just look stupid and be made fun of. Then along comes Endgame to show me a heavy super with a lot of trauma who ends the movie more badass than ever, and the solution wasn’t losing weight.

    I am thankful for the way the writers (if not so much the audience) treated Thor during this. Also thank you for writing this, Nicole. I needed it this year.


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