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Robyn Jordan

Robyn has been a nerd since her first Scholastic school fair. Once she discovered the Harry Potter series, nothing was the same for her or the people around her. Robyn is a true California girl, born and raised all over Southern California. She now lives in Oakland, but will always make it home to San Diego for Comic-Con and tacos. Her favorite things include playing vinyl records in dark rooms, browsing city library shelves, sporadic marathons of Star Trek, and preparing for the robot takeover. You can find her live-tweeting TV on Twitter @robyn_ravenclaw.

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  1. Tara
    12/30/2020 @ 8:11 PM

    My angelic friend: Thank you so much for this!!!🙏
    I have always been a sci fi fantasy fan but completely lost my tolerance for dark and disturbing shows years ago… or anything that gets a little too weird/emotional/intense- literally cannot tolerate anything these days. so hard to find anything to watch other than straight up comedy and kids shows (both of which I do love too)
    I would also love to mention a couple of shows I was able to watch that may have pushed me a little but are overall amazing.
    the show Limitless: i didn’t think I would like it but it has a lighthearted feel and I found myself able to really enjoy it . There is even an episode where the main character goes to a crime scene and he can’t handle it so his mind makes up cute words to replace the bad ones… so he’s saying words like snuggle… it’s adorable. I don’t love the heavy drug theme but somehow it’s handled in a light way- the drug gives you superpowers so the fantasy element makes it less creepy.
    Also Lately Mandalorian has been ok for me- baby Yoda makes everything happy and fun. More of a fun space western- So far doesn’t focus on the “dark side” and psychological angst, like all the latest Star Wars movies which I can’t handle.
    Legend of the seeker is also great fantasy, even though some themes / parts are dark, it has humor and a lighthearted and almost Xena-like cheesy flair that makes it ok, and it doesn’t linger too much on the heavy stuff. Lots of romance and magical shenanigans and Has a happy ending. It’s my favorite fantasy series.
    Please write more about uplifting shows and movies!


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