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Kiki Owens

My name is Kyona (pronounced Key-on-uh) but I like to go by Kiki. I am 22 years young, I have been in love with Harry Potter since the movie came out, then I found out about the books and took off from there. My Hogwarts house is a Slytherin. I am a writer; I write poems and short stories in my spare time. I also like to draw, cartoons are my specialty, but I am working on my portraits drawings. Also, I like to dabble in the dark arts..... of photography :D (see what I did there?). I am a very eclectic person, I have many different interests from my music which ranges from Hamilton to Hardcore rock, the way I dress, I can be girly or I can dress like a straight up bad ass (who for some reason needs glasses lol). I like going to concerts and hanging out with friends, but I do also enjoy my me time. I also enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephew (who are also going on a trip to Orlando studios to see the Wizarding world with me this summer I'm so excited! :D) And another thing I really love is #WizardTeam! It has really gotten me through work these past few months, and I really appreciate the fact it is very different from the other Harry Potter Podcasts :)

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