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Bayana Davis

Bayana is a writer and content creator born and raised in Oakland, California. She is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Black Girls Create and cohost of the #WizardTeam podcast. She is a fierce advocate of critical fandom, the increased representation of Black women in media, time travel, dragons, and avoiding the AI apocalypse. You can generally find her fangirling and agonizing about writing on Twitter at @yanawroteit.

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  1. Ella Bailey
    09/13/2019 @ 11:42 PM

    Yes yes yes. Watching back this film having just reread the book, I am spotting so many areas of concern, where the film fails to live up to the book or the other films in the series, where Ron and Hermione hold next to no importance and serve only to propel the plot rather than to enrich the film or show character complexity and progression, and Harry is suddenly portrayed as a surly and angsty kid who everyone is slightly afraid of. It seems to become his entire personality! So many crucial moments were skipped over in the film leaving it to feel like it’s so lacking the spark needed for a magical HP film. Also the montage of Umbridge enforcing new rules and Harry teaching the DA drives me crazy, they’re simplifying months worth of plot into ten minutes- it just goes too far! Stop flattening out the intricate and beautiful plot lines J K Rowling spent so long crafting and in the process leaving out so many important and enriching details!


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