This Week in Patronus Fuel: Letitia Wright's Black Joy at the #MetGala

In Which Black People Are Magic (As Usual)

My initial choice for this week's Patronus Fuel came with the imagery from the Met Gala held in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this year. Despite no one getting beat up in an elevator and nothing being fake stolen as a deep dive marketing attempt by the Oceans 8 team (I am still disappointed), the Met Gala served some heavenly looks, some not so heavenly looks, and some looks that should be excommunicated. It was a fun night to scroll Twitter for commentary from non-fashionable, non-wealthy people on the style of celebs. While the Black Excellence was in high numbers, as per usual, it was this video, posted by Letitia Wright, that really brought the Patronus Fuel. 

Any gathering of Black folks, especially those who are friends who meet up in a very white space, is usually filled with Black Joy of recognizing yourself in a sea of feeling like the other. So it was no different when Black celebs all congregated at the Met Ball for a video selfie in their ascension finest. 

I spy with my little eye a Frances McDormant enveloping herself in the Black love. Inclusion riders, y'all!